About Us

 Dear Physicians and Physician Candidates

  Faruk Hoca; He is a 33-year medical doctor, a 15-year professor working in the field of Neurophysiology and 16-year TUS instructor.

  Throughout his academic life, he was the dean of the medical faculty, the vice dean, and the Central Council of the Turkish Medical Association Like Delegation   as well as tasks; as committee, module, block and semester coordinators, medical students and assistants each of their training    He is an experienced medical educator who took an active part in the  stage.

 Faruk Hoca started his life as an instructor, which he loved so much, during his State Service Obligation, at high school and college He started by taking his students' English and First Aid classes. Medicine and Dentistry as a Lecturer In addition to his faculties, he taught Physiology Courses at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in many departments of the university.

His unique explanation technique  and the  facilitating methods he developed was greatly appreciated by his students, and he is one of the professors who received the highest scores in student feedback throughout his academic life. came.

 professional TUS instructor  Faruk Hoca, who started to teach TUS Physiology-Histology-Embryology courses to tens of thousands of physicians in more than thirty provinces and abroad. He was the author of Physiology-Histology-Embryology books and Question Banks  and the branch moderator of the TUS field.

Throughout her career, and especially over the past 15 years as a neuroscience professor, she has focused on how the brain learns best. Methods on  Effective Learning and Memory Techniques  that increase school and exam success developed.

Now, upon high demand, she created the  “Faruk Hoca Physiology” Online Education Platform to share her knowledge and experience with wider masses.

On this platform; You will find Physiology presentations that are free of unnecessary details but contain all the necessary information. Thanks to the lectures in which Active Learning Techniques are used and the subjects are taught in relation to mechanisms and other basic/clinical branches, both physiology and related branches will be more  you will learn easily and permanently.

Faruk Hoca Physiology will increase your success in school and exams, and you will reach your dreams and goals more easily…