Faruk Hoca; Faruk Hoca is a 33-year-old doctor, 15-year professor in the fields of neurophysiology and medical education, 16-year TUS teacher, author of TUS books and question databases.

No, you can watch videos unlimitedly.

The entire Physiology package consists of 140 videos of 18 minutes each and the total duration is approximately 40 hours.

When you purchase the package, you will receive free access to the "handouts" of the PowerPoint presentations in PDF format along with the video lectures. You can follow the presentations from the scripts, which correspond exactly to the lectures. Our preparations for the book and question bank continue.

Yes, acceleration options such as .x1.25, x1.50, x1.75 and x2.00 are available.


You can solve all of the physiology questions and many questions that can be made with the knowledge of physiopathology and mechanism of other branches.

At the beginning of each topic, the anatomical and histological structure is summarised to facilitate the understanding of the topic. This way you can solve a very important part of the histological questions.

After completing the payment process, you can immediately access the video presentations and PDF handouts of the presentations under the heading "My courses".